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"Thank you so much for all the time and effort you put into our class at the SGS training day today.  I was so pleased with what Sable and I were able to achieve, as was Fenella with Mela, not only have we learnt so much we have made new friends and had a thoroughly enjoyable day."

Sue ... Following the Shropshire Gundog training day

"Thank you for all your work in getting us all to this level"

Hellmuth - Trainee for 3 years (Group)

"Thanks for the advice of these days and the wonderful weekend. Please bring thanks from the Working Retriever Club of Italy also to Derrick. See you soon"

Laura - Trainee (Group Training - Italy)

"My Beagle is still being  a good boy-so thank you for all your teaching and help with him"

Julia - Trainee (One to One)

"Absolute Genius! - Thoroughly Enjoyed!"

Rosie - Trainee (One to One)

“I first met Phil in 2010 when I purchased my first gundog, a Labrador called Ripley. As a novice handler/owner I relied on Phil to teach not just Ripley but more importantly me, the basic training so that I could have what I set out to have, a good gundog to take shooting with me. I didn’t realise back in the beginning just how enjoyable the training sessions would become and indeed have now become a part of my life. Our initial basic training has now continued and I attend field trials along with Phil and other members of our group, and to date Ripley has been awarded 2 COM’s, and may hopefully achieve a greater win at some stage in the future. I have also has several one on one sessions, these are as valuable as the group sessions, it’s important for gundogs to be able to work in a group steadily as well as in the field on their own. I have several friends who have now got Labradors and who now also attend Phil’s classes, as his knowledge is really valuable in helping people and their dogs build a solid relationship. I now have Echo, a black lab pup we purchased from Phil in Nov 2011, he has just started training with Phil and is already showing promise. I have no hesitation in recommending Phil and his training services and will always ask his advise if I need it.“

Alan - Trainee for 2 years (Group)